mars lander kits

Kits ARE only available from October thru March


As you can see, I'm pretty fond of the Mars Lander

I've created upscale kits in 3.9" (almost 1X), 1.6X and 2X sizes


Only kits for the 1.6X Mars Lander are still being made

the 3.9" and 2X have been discontinued.


These kits are made as close as possible to an exact upscale of the original Estes Mars Lander.  Changes have been made to improve upon the original design and also to make the Lander a lot stronger.



The design allows for the rear of the Lander to be removed, allowing access to the legs for repairs and replacement.


There are many parts to this kit.  It's for someone that's built rockets before - don't buy it for your 10-year-old's first rocket!

Here's some of what's included:

Complete written instructions with photos

Shrouds, tubes, braces, centering rings, launch lug

Nosecone and laser-cut parts (BMS)

Bulkheards, tubes and couplers

Motor retaining system Tom designed to be very small & use the screws that hold the read bulkhead in place

Fabric paint needed for raised detail on the shrouds - you'll find this is a nice touch!

Templates, decal sheet, shock cord, kevlar cord and more

Chutes (Recovery Techologies) - optional for all kits








Additional Information


1.6X Lander is based on the 6" PML tube


1.6X can be flown on 29mm F, G & H motors (a 38mm motor tube can fit in the 1.6X)


UPDATED 12/7/12

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